Southern Sweden

Small fishing villages with red wooden houses, countless lakes, picturesque heath landscapes and dense (pine) forests. If we add IKEA, Volvo and the pop group ABBA to that, you know exactly where we are going this time with our campervan, car or motorbike. Right, Sweden! The country of the Vikings, culture, art and history, but also of wild adventure, endless natural beauty and lots of space.


On this road trip we explore the three southern provinces of Sweden: Skåne, Småland and Halland. We start in Malmö and first explore the east coast and then cross through pine forests and along beautiful lakes to the west coast and via Göteborg and several authentic fishing villages descend to Lund.


Total distance of the route: 1280 km


By motorhome, car or motorbike, you can cross the famous Öresund Bridge ('The Bridge') from Copenhagen across the sea (toll) to Malmö. You can easily spend more than one day in Malmö. It's a nice city to walk around in. What you will immediately notice is the Turning Torso, a 190-metre high skyscraper. The striking structure is the first twisted skyscraper in the world. Stortorget, the city's largest square, is often used for events. In the middle of the square is an equestrian statue of King Karl X Gustav. Did you know you can visit the funny Disgusting Food Museum in Malmö? Eighty of the world's strangest eating habits are exhibited there. Be sure to wander into the modern covered market hall Malmö Saluhall or visit the century-old bathhouse Ribersborgs Kallbadhus built at the end of the pier in the middle of the sea. Malmö is also a very green city, with many parks to relax in. You can get a breath of fresh air at Ribersborg beach.


From Malmö, we drive towards Kristianstad, but we make a slight diversions to Glimmingehus, Sweden's best-preserved medieval castle. A guided tour takes you through the castle's living quarters and secret passages. We also pass Vittskövle Slott, one of the best preserved Renaissance castles in Scandinavia. Kristianstad has become increasingly popular in recent years. From a small garrison town it has grown into a commercial centre.


Nice to visit is Bäckaskog Castle and the surrounding gardens. In the 1200s, a community of monks built a monastery on a narrow strip of land between the shimmering waters of two lakes. Near Kristianstad is also the Vattenrike Biosphere Reserve, Sweden's lowest point, and the route takes you past Karlshamn and Karlskrona.


Karlshamn is a busy harbour town with many shops, restaurants and beautiful wooden houses. It is fun to take a boat trip to the open air museum of Karlshamn Kastell. Karlskrona, a unique Baroque settlement, is located on an island off the south coast and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city retains its original medieval layout and has an interesting maritime history.

Kalmar & the island Öland

The charming town of Kalmar is one of Sweden's oldest cities and is built on a tangle of islands. Kalmar was close to the then Danish border, so fortifications were started as early as the 12th century. Kalmar Slott dates back to the 12th century, but the castle was completely rebuilt in the 16th century. The castle is situated on its own island and looks like a real fairy-tale castle. The city centre used to be right next to the Slott, but after an attack by the Danes and a fire in the 17th century, the inhabitants moved to Kvarnholmen, the current centre of the city. Kalmar was an important trading centre in the Middle Ages. Via the Öland Bridge you can reach Öland, the large island opposite Kalmar. From the bridge you have a beautiful view over the city. On Öland, you will find unspoiled nature. Explore the flat landscape of old mills, red cottages and pine forests on foot or by bike.


After the adventures in Ramkvilla and its surroundings, we drive to the west coast. But before we get there, we stop in Jönköping to explore Lake Vättern. Jönköping is ideally situated. Thanks to Lake Vättern the city has 2 km of white sandy beaches, always a good element for a successful holiday. Furthermore, Jönköping is a cosy provincial town with nice shops and good restaurants. The city also has one of the largest skate parks in Sweden: Olliewood skate park is over 1200 square metres! You can also spend some time in some nice museums like the Jönköping County Museum or the science centre Upptech. Horse lovers are in for a treat too. Around Jönköping there are many possibilities to enjoy the surroundings on horseback. Cycling and mountain biking are also some of the top activities in the area. Cycle along the Vättern lake or explore one of the many nature reserves. And a lake wouldn't be a lake if it didn't offer the necessary water sports: grab a canoe, kayak or sub, step into a boat or just dive into the (cold) water!


From Jönköping we drive straight to Fjällbacka, the northernmost point of this road trip. It won't surprise you to see more Norwegian number plates passing by here, as we are very close to the Norwegian border. The old part of Fjällbacka is characterised by colourful wooden houses, the noise of the lively little harbour and the Vetteberget, the 74-metre high, imposing mountain that dominates the town. Through the centre of Fjällbacka runs the gorge Kungsklyftan. The gorge was created after an earthquake about 250 million years ago. During the winter, the gorge is completely filled with snow and ice. Anyone who has seen the film version of Astrid Lindgren's Ronja the Roversdochter may recognise the gorge. When you walk through Kungsklyftan, you can take the wooden stairs that lead all the way to the top of Vetteberget Mountain. There, a fantastic view awaits you. Nice villages in the area are Smögen and Lysekil.


From Fjällbacka, we drive along the coast southwards to Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city. Historically, it was an important port. With trendy cafés and art venues, today Gothenburg is perhaps hipper than Stockholm. The city combines lively urbanity, a friendly atmosphere and seaside charm. Nature is never far away either. Make sure you visit Gothenburg Cathedral, Trädgårdsföreningen Gardens, Feskekörka Building, Gothenburg Archipelago and Skansen. Did you know that Jimi Hendrix was a big fan of the famous Liseberg theme park? He returned to the park no less than seven times to enjoy the rides. There is a wide range of restaurants. It will be difficult to choose between the gourmet fish restaurants and cosy, informal eateries. Wherever you sit, the menus are bursting with locally caught fish and fresh seafood.

Halmstad and surrounding fishing villages

From Gothenburg, we continue south along the rugged coastline and stop in a few fishing villages. The charming town of Varberg is one of the most atmospheric towns in the Halland region. In the seaside town, you can enjoy the sea and the promenade. From the beach, you can see the prison fortress from 1287. The prison overlooks the sea and now serves as a museum. You can also stop at Tjohölm Castle, one of Sweden's finest examples of artistic and craft architecture. The manor house is inspired by the Tudor style. The seaside town of Särö is also worth a visit. You can stroll past many beautiful villas and bathing pavilions from the 19th century. Falkenberg is known for its good restaurants and local ingredients. An ideal stop to have a good dinner. You can also drive to Halmstad, a small town with a striking castle.


On our last stop, we drive to Kullaberg. The rocky coast forms the most adventurous nature reserve in southern Sweden. You can hike, dive, climb, kayak, abseil and much more. Kullaberg is a mountain that stretches eight to nine kilometres across with deep cliffs that plunge into the sea, and east of Helsingborg is Söderåsens National Park. The mountain ridges are covered with beech forests, dramatic valleys and flowing streams. The views of the Skåne countryside are breathtaking! After this final immersion in nature, we drive to Lund, a relaxed student town with an eccentric atmosphere. You can visit Lund Cathedral, take a look at the royal family or stroll through the botanical gardens and city parks where you can feel the student atmosphere.