German Alps


This 484 km road trip through the German Alps starts in Lindau-am-Bodensee and follows the famous 'Deutsche Alpenstraße', one of the most beautiful car routes in Europe. The route winds its way through the Allgäu, Upper Bavaria, the Chiemgau Alps to the Königssee in the Berchtesgaden Alps.

Highlights along the way include the Scheidegg waterfalls, the Oberjoch Pass, Neuschwanstein Castle, Garmisch- Partenkirchen and the Zugspitze, the Chiemsee, Hitler's Eagle's Nest on the summit of the Kehlstein and the wonderful setting of the Königssee. But above all, it is the route itself that deserves the top prize.

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Some highlights on this road trip

Lindau - Oberjoch

The starting town Lindau-am-Bodensee is located on an island in Lake Constance and has a beautiful historic town centre that immediately puts you in the right mood for this road trip. From Lindau, you drive via the steep and winding 'Rohrach Anstieg' into the mountains of the Allgäu. The main attractions on the route through the Allgäu are the waterfalls of Scheidegg, the hat town Lindenberg (the heart of the German straw hat industry), the Großer Alpsee (a mountain lake with numerous small bays in which it is lovely to swim) and the popular holiday resort Oberstdorf, known for the Vierschans Tournament. Along the way, be sure to try the famous Allgäu Emmentaler, either pure or in a local dish such as Allgäu Kässpätzle. But above all, enjoy the wonderful panorama of the mountains of the Allgäu. You will soon see why the Deutsche Alpenstraße is one of the most popular road trips in Europe.

Oberjoch - Garmisch-Partenkirchen

The 2nd stage starts with the Oberjoch Pass, a spectacular border pass with no less than 106 bends. Keep in mind that the Oberjoch Pass is one of the most frequently used recreational routes in Germany, so expect a lot of traffic when you drive it in the high season. After Wertach, you will find great stops around Grüntensee, Weißensee, Hopfensee and Forggensee and you could spend days enjoying the variety of walks or bike tours on offer. In Füssen, you cannot miss Neuschwanstein Castle, the masterpiece of the former (fairy-tale-obsessed) Bavarian King Louis II.

The last part of this stage leads to Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Upper Bavaria. The town is located at the foot of the Zugspitze, with 2962 metres the highest mountain in Germany. You can take a cable car to the top of this Alpine giant or make a trip to one of the swimming lakes with green, clear water and a view of the Zugspitze.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Chiemsee

The Tölzer Land between Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Lake Chiemsee is nicknamed "Bavaria's picture book" for its flowering meadows, rolling hills, high peaks, deep lakes and quiet forests full of fragrant herbs. Hikers can venture from Lake Walchensee to the Herzogstand, a 1731 metre high mountain in the Bavarian foothills. When the weather is good, the panorama extends to Munich and the Alpine peaks. On this stage, you will once again find some challenging parts of the Alpine route on your way.

On the way to the Chiemsee, a stop in Oberaudorf (shopping), Nussdorf am Inn (according to many the most beautiful village in Europe) and Neubeuern (beautiful houses) are worthwhile. The Chiemsee is the largest lake in Bavaria and a popular holiday destination in southern Germany. Lovers of culture, nature and water sports will find much to enjoy at the Chiemsee.

Chiemsee - Königssee

The last stage of this road trip starts in the Chiemgau Alps and once again guarantees enjoyment of the unspoilt nature and beautiful scenery. After Lake Chiemsee, the road winds up into the Alps and leads past the Three Lakes region to Ruhpolding, the capital of biathlon, where you will find a real biathlon centre (the Chiemgau Arena). After Ruhpolding, we head for the mountain village of Inzell, a mythical place for skating enthusiasts. The last part of the road trip takes us to the Berchtesgaden Alps, which according to leading guides is one of the most beautiful areas in Europe.

The Königssee is the end point of this road trip, an enchanting lake that is the only one in Europe that is completely surrounded by nature. Here you are a stone's throw away from the Eagle's Nest, Hitler's legendary residence, which can be visited after a mountain ride and a final part by lift. In this tip of Germany, you can still enjoy a magnificent view of the Alps, a worthy ending to a unique road trip.